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A two-handled basin shaped bowl with a blue decoration that includes dragon flies, painted by Carmo...
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Our small bowls are the perfect size for a single serving of soup, stew, or breakfast cereal. You might consider getting a few either in matching patterns for an elegant table setting, or pick a mixture of different styles for a colourful, rustic dining experience.

Our classic serving bowl is perfect for any number of dishes, like salads, pasta dishes or really, anything you can think of. Whatever you decide it will be a great compliment to your cooking.

Our set of three stackable bowls make a perfect gift and are a great way to introduce a friend or relative to the world of quality, hand-made earthenware pottery.

All our ceramics are hand made and hand painted by skilled artisans using ancient techniques here in the Algarve region of Southern Portugal.

Our red clay, earthenware pottery has been characteristic of the region ever since the Phoenicians, Romans, and Moors traded along the Algarvian coast. It has always been favoured for its hard-working, durable qualities. It has a satisfying weight and a robustness that is distinctive in the hand. In most instances, the shapes we use have been handed down, from potter to potter, for thousands of years and you will often find identical shapes in history museums across Europe.

The pottery is hand glazed and kiln fired to temperatures of over 1000º Centigrade (or around 2000º Fahrenheit), which makes it completely food safe, and brings out the lustrous finish.

We use the ancient Majolica technique to decorate our ceramics, which is an over glaze painting technique. This method demands free-flowing, confident brushwork, much like a fresco, and lends each piece with the distinct character of the artisan that has painted it. It means each and every piece is completely one-of-a-kind.

This is why you will find the signature of the artist and the mark of the Pottery on the base of each piece, though the trained eye can identify the artist from their brushwork alone.

All items displayed below are available to purchase online, but represent just a small selection of the wide choice of shapes and designs we offer instore. If you can not see what you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements. We are happy to help.