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Bud Vase by Estella Swift Goldmann
Bud Vase by Estella Swift Goldmann
Bud Vase by Estella Swift Goldmann

Bud Vase

A petite handmade bud vase decorated in our Wild Berry design, with a unique, yellow-ochre, turquoise and pink colour palette.

This little bud vase would be an excellent inclusion to any collection or even a striking piece by itself. The full-bodied silhouette gives the vase a bold presence, despite its small stature. Paired with a hand thrown plate, this vase would complement any environment as an exclusive accent piece. 

The vase’s unique colour scheme pays homage to our older antique pieces, alongside with its traditional shape. This special piece is perfect for those who like our more vintage pieces and motifs. The warm tones of the yellow ochre compliment the brilliant cool accents of the pink and turquoise. This rare colour scheme redefines our Wild Berry design, referencing its roots. 

Artisit: Estella Swift Goldmann

Approximate dimensions; height 12cm

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