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Special Pieces

A striking manganese pink dish with a phoenician bird motif, hand painted by Juliet Swift.
209,00 €
A vibrant hand thrown pharmacy pot painted in our pink Shamrock design.
33,00 €
A pedestal, or chalice shaped, fruit bowl with a hand painted dove motif and floral decoration in...
162,00 €
A large chalice shaped fruit bowl decorated in a cobalt blue foliage design.
124,00 €
This pair of patacas, or guinea fowl, are decorated in our bright and colourful primavera design.
72,00 €
A wide, open bowl decorated with a trio of heart shaped leaves in subtle green and blue tones on a...
100,00 €
Octagonal dish with a Phoenician bird in cobalt blue by Brian Fortune.
58,00 €
An octagonal dish decorated with a dove design in green and yellow.
65,00 €
A Moroccan style plate with a rolled lip, in our pink, yellow and green Primavera design with...
191,00 €
This wonderful hand painted wall plate is decorated with Morning Glory flowers.
266,50 €
A wide bowl with a shallow profile decorated with Morning Glory flowers on a turquoise background.
171,00 €
A wide, flat bottomed dish with two handles decorated with a face in profile and a dove in cobalt...
184,00 €
Hand thrown water jug with a long neck, painted in our green Shamrock design.
73,00 €

Every week at Porches Pottery we produce hand painted pottery and tiles in an broad array of different colours, decorations and motifs with lots of variations on those too. We felt that we should try to showcase some of those unique items on our website, so we created this Speciality Pieces section. All the pieces here are 'once-offs', that we have reserved for the website, this means that once an item is sold, that item will no longer be available to purchase online. If you would like to commission a piece similar to one you have seen here, please contact us by email to discuss it.