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Tile with Cork Base by Brian Fortune

Tile with Cork Base

A handmade azulejo with a Portuguese cork base, depicting a study of a face with traditional in-house motives framing it.
35,00 €

This handmade tile with a locally sourced cork base serves as the perfect homage to Portuguese iconography. The traditional deep blue tones of the azulejo complement the warm rich earthy tones of the cork frame. The trivet would be a beautiful addition to any dinner service set, as it is truly a one-of-a-kind piece.

The tile itself, depicts a striking study done in our popular bold cobalt shade. The details and outlines are painted in precise thin black linework, juxtaposing the tile’s bold composition and thoughtful mark making.

Artisit: Brian Fortune

Approximate dimensions; 15x15cm tile, with the cork base it is a total size of 21x21cm

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