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Basin Bowl by Juliet Swift
Basin Bowl by Juliet Swift
Basin Bowl by Juliet Swift

Basin Bowl

A hand-thrown large lipped basin bowl, in a brilliant blue and turquoise colour arrangement, depicting our Meandering Leaves design.
73,00 €

This vibrant basin bowl represents a historic shape and revitalizes it with our fun and lively Meandering Leaves design. 

The shape of this piece holds a significant place in local history. These basins, also known as ‘alguidares’, were a staple in everyday life, used for kneading bread dough to washing clothes.

The bold and bright shades of ultramarine and turquoise allow this piece to stand out as an exciting addition to any table spread, or even as an accent piece that’s full of spirit. This antique shape paired with a fresh design celebrates a fusion of the past and present.

Artisit: Juliet Swift

Approximate dimensions; height 36cm , width 36cm, length 10cm 

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