Porches Pottery

Carrinho vazio

Special Pieces

Hanging plate with a moorish hunting theme by Carmo dos Santos.
50,00 €
An ornamental basin and water jug decorated in blue and green rambling rose by Manuela Gonçalves.
48,00 €
A decorative dish emblazoned with a smiling sun by Brian Fortune.
65,00 €
This mid-sized ginger jar is decorated with two birds by Juliet Swift.
85,00 €
A decorative hanging plate featuring two doves in a tree of life design, painted by Ana Bôto.
100,00 €
A spherical jug with pouring guard in our artichoke pattern, by Rosa Lima.
48,00 €
A large shallow dish featuring a flying dove, painted by Brian Fortune.
80,00 €
A functional turquoise and green primavera flowerpot, painted by Maria José Fernandes.
40,00 €
A decorative hanging plate featuring a fish motif in manganese pink on a bright gold background,...
55,00 €
A delicately decorated pitcher in blue and turqouise, by Estella Swift Goldmann.
29,00 €
Three small bowls on a cork aperitif tray, hand-painted by Manuela Gonçalves.
25,00 €
A colourful tall necked jug perfect for serving water or sangria, hand painted by Carmo dos Santos.
35,00 €
A large hand-thrown and hand-painted outdoor lantern, by Maria José Fernandes.
80,00 €
Traditional water jug and basin set with a dragonfly motif, painted by Carmo dos Santos.
78,00 €
A two-handled basin shaped bowl with a blue decoration that includes dragon flies, painted by Carmo...
30,00 €

Every week at Porches Pottery we produce hand painted pottery and tiles in an broad array of different colours, decorations and motifs with lots of variations on those too. We felt that we should try to showcase some of those unique items on our website, so we created this Speciality Pieces section. All the pieces here are 'once-offs', that we have reserved for the website, this means that once an item is sold, that item will no longer be available to purchase online. If you would like to commission a piece similar to one you have seen here, please contact us by email to discuss it.