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Product Care

How to look after your pottery

All our pottery is hand made and decorated here in Portugal, using the best quality materials and made with great care.  If looked after properly, it will last for decades, giving you and your family much enjoyment.

  • All our pottery is dishwasher safe, with the exception of our cork-backed items.  Please make sure it is properly stacked, with space between each piece so that they don’t knock against each other during the wash cycle.

  • CrazingDo not place the pottery in a hot oven or freezer, and avoid sudden changes of temperature, as this can cause it to craze or crack. Crazing describes the fine lines that can appear on the surface of the glaze, and whilst it creates an effect that is often sought after, it isn’t to everyone’s liking.

  • Slight crazing can sometimes occur on the interior of a mug, due to the high temperature of tea or coffee, however this will not affect the quality of the glaze and is considered normal.

  • Whilst it is microwave safe, we don’t recommend long term, frequent microwave use, as this can weaken the pottery.

  • Avoid rough handling, sudden changes of temperature, direct heat and do not place the pottery over a flame or on a hob.

  • If you need to store the pottery for a long period of time, we recommend wiping it with a little vinegar in order to keep it fresh.

  • After washing, avoid storing the pottery whilst damp and make sure it is fully dry.